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Not everyone knows that acrylics are widely used in medicine. And precisely because of the strength and relevance of this material is actively used in medicine was not yet acrylic. And “claw”, the capacity of which is currently considered to be almost the services most used in the world of beauty this amazing .Acrylic help open opportunities in nail design and allows you to create a variation of the most beautiful strong nails, of any length and form. And most importantly, the advantage of acrylic nails is that they are no different from now. it is a correction acrylic nail is not worth throwing pigeonholed manicure tradition rooted in the past, in the days when long nails, manicured hands of women showing their status, their position in this society. The day provided many of the most fashionable in design nail art is considered a picture on acrylic. The nail color palette based acrylic, as well as a variety of techniques to manage to create small works of nail plate, which inadvertently attract eyes. How to achieve amazing results like that? How difficult is art? And how long manicure? it is to understand.

Acrylic nail designs with gold glitter and flower art
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First we need to find out why the painting techniques used is Acrylic nail polish, what their advantages? in the market, this material appeared not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity and has become very popular. One advantage of acrylic is that it was very still and resting on any surface, whether glass, wood, cloth, plastic, leather or nail. Besides, it has special color saturation and effortlessly blended with the color of the paint. The picture by, different waters, air and color stability, besides, they do not fall under the influence of steam and ultraviolet. Acrylic design modern manufacturer that produces pale, translucent and color transparent. The combination right of color allows you to create more than two thousand colors.

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Simple acrylic nail designs with glitter
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Painting acrylic nails with special by the fact that the coating material used can be applied repeatedly kali. The dries fairly quickly, so the master does not have to wait long to fix the previous layer, can continue to work on creating a design that planned. After drying existing high resistance to water , which enables the smooth application of the next layer. Acrylic does not dissolve under the influence of a wet brush, so it does not spread and image was by yourself. It’s also characterized by elasticity high. This eliminates the possibility of cracking, and the resulting images for a long time and cannot remove distorts. It’s considered a versatile and safe. it is easily combined with gouache, oil, watercolor, and does not harm human health.

Beauty acrylic nail designs with pink nail color
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Luxury acrylic nail designs with maroon and black doff nail color
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Best acrylic nail design with flower pattern
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